Suggest a name for the new Kivistö urban culture center and participate in a lottery



Kivistö major region

It's time to pick up a name for the future Kivistö urban culture center. In order to name the center, we need the help of all Vantaa residents.

Kivistön kaupunkikulttuurikeskuksen havainnekuva

Kivistön kaupunkikulttuurikeskuksen havainnekuva

Suggest a name online at on May 16 - June 12, and you may win a 50-euro S-Group gift voucher! 

The new Kivistö urban culture center will have versatile premises for a library, youth center, organizations, children’s culture, events, and citizen activities. The final name of the center will be voted on among the best ideas next fall. Make sure that your name suggestion makes the list, too.