Parks and green areas

According to the local detailed plan, all parks and areas for local outdoor recreation open to the public are considered green areas.

Most of Vantaa's green areas are situated along rivers and larger brooks. Furthermore, the majority of Vantaa's parks are in their natural state with man-made pathways, play grounds, and dog parks. Green areas range from wide uniform green areas to small city-block parks.

The tasks of the city's green areas are related to urban ecology, health, operations, social issues, cityscape, adaptation to climate change. Green areas enhance the image and attraction of residential and business areas.

Vantaa's planned green-area network is versatile and uniform. Fifty percent of the city's area has been designated for green areas. Nearly all Vantaa residents in built areas have less than 300 meters to the nearest green area.

The service-network plan of the green area program dictates the development of green areas. These plans are related to, for instance, recreation trails, park playgrounds, and fenced dog parks. Green-area attractions refer to areas that are especially significant to the residents and that have great natural and landscape values. The city aims to promote development of these attractions. Attraction spots consist of, among others: Lammaslampi, Vantaankoski, Vetokannas, Tikkurilankoski, Korso Central Park and Kuusijärvi outdoor recreation area.