Preparatory Instruction for 6-year-olds

Preparatory instruction for 6-year-olds is meant for immigrant children whose Finnish-language skills and/or other skills are not sufficient for studying in a preschool education group.

Preparatory instruction follows the same goals as preschool education but it is targeted for immigrants. In preparatory instruction for 6-year-olds, children participate in preschool group activities. Additionally, children are provided with Finnish as a second language teaching and, if possible, teaching in their own mother tongue.

Applying for Instruction

First, the child needs to be enrolled in preschool education and after that the guardians can discuss participation in preparatory instruction together with the personnel of the day-care unit. It is for the guardians to decide whether they want their child to participate in preparatory instruction.

Application for preschool education

Additional Information on Preparatory Instruction:

Sanna Korpisalo, early childhood education specialist

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