Looking for a summer job – here are some tips


Now is the time to find the summer job of your dreams.

Kaksi naista katsoo kiikareilla.

Getting your first summer job is not easy, but fortunately you can get help for it.

A summer job is often the first way to find employment and earn some money of your own. Finding your first job can seem difficult when the advertisements ask about previous work experience and there seem to be at least ten applicants for each job. However, you should not feel discouraged, since you can get assistance for your job search from the Vantaa and Kerava employment services.

Ohjaamo helps young jobseekers

Ohjaamo (One-Stop Guidance Centre) helps everyone under 30 in questions relating to work, education or housing, for instance. Ohjaamo offers a wide range of help in your job search: For example, every Wednesday from 12.00 to 15.00, there is a job search club where you can get support for making a job application or CV or preparing for your first job interview. In addition, Ohjaamo provides tips and information on upcoming recruitment events where you can meet employers face to face.

Summer job vouchers available again

The summer job voucher is a traditional way to support the summer job search of young people in Vantaa. The vouchers are intended for young people born in 2005–2008. The ninth-graders of Vantaa will receive a summer job voucher through their school. Other people eligible for the voucher can apply for it until 31 August or as long as there are vouchers available. This year, for the first time, applications for summer job vouchers can only be submitted online. The online application form is available on the Vantaa website at vantaa.fi

The value of the summer job voucher is €300, and it is paid to the employer when the employer hires the young person for a summer job. When applying for a summer job, it is a good idea to mention in your job application if you are entitled to the summer job voucher. Employers can get the summer job voucher when they offer a young person work for at least ten working days and pay at least €450 for the work.

Summer job vouchers are coordinated by the Vantaa employer services. The employer services also regularly answer questions about the summer job voucher. You can email us at tyonantajapalvelut@vantaa.fi. Please use “Summer job voucher” as the subject of your message so that it is forwarded to the right expert.

Or maybe your own business?

Support is also available for young people to set up their own businesses. Light entrepreneurship is a great way to try something completely new, even if only for one summer. Young people can sell their own products or services. Over the years, summer businesses by young people in Vantaa have included photography services, home help activities and sales of home-made jewellery, for example. Many summer entrepreneurs have also continued their business alongside their studies. The application period for Vantaa’s summer entrepreneurship programme will begin in March.  For more information about summer entrepreneurship, please email the Vantaa employer services at tyonantajapalvelut@vantaa.fi. Please use “Summer entrepreneurship” as the subject of your message so that it is forwarded to the right expert.

Entrepreneurship provides plenty of valuable skills for the future, and you need not be left alone with difficult issues. The Vantaa and Kerava employer services and YritysVantaa organise a pop-up service for entrepreneurship counselling at Vernissakatu 1 on the first Monday of each month from 12.00 to 15.00. The next Pop-up Mondays will be 3 April, 8 May and 5 June. Good luck to all summer job seekers!


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