M-Klubi charms audiences with diverse music choices




The music club in the foyer of Cultural House Martinus will continue in spring 2023. M-Klubi offers great live music experiences with varying themes.

M-klubin kuvituksessa esiintyjien promokuva

Photo: Anna Sundqvist

In the spring concert series, rising Finnish stars come and perform their energetic and touching songs.

First up is Louie Blue on 17 March. With his convincingly international sounds, the artist turned the heads of many music influencers and listeners with his debut single Confused in summer 2019. Since then, the direction has been clear. Known for his songs like Spaceman and Down the Road, Louie Blue is motivated to look across borders, thinking globally.

Having grown up in music, the Turku-based artist invests in quality and captivating live shows with his three-piece band.

On 14 April, M-Klubi will be hosting a gig by Pambikallio. Formed by Pauliina Nyman and Lauri Kallio, the band has been charming listeners with its Finnish-language psychedelic pop ever since its first releases.

The band’s soft, playful and dream-like sounds spin a tight web around the listeners. However, inside the cute and irresistible shell is an unabashed and unrelenting pearl. The band’s backbone consists of fuzzy and sparkly dreampop with plenty of reverb, which the duo have expanded into delightfully swinging, purposefully buzzing and magically psychedelic dimensions.

On 19 May, M-Klubi will culminate in a gig by Isaac Sene. A multi-talented artist and songwriter, Sene released his highly anticipated Koko kansan EP in February 2020. In spring 2021, he offered his listeners new songs with a conviction, releasing the singles N-sana and Nälkä.

Isaac Sene’s music is modern, soulful pop that has also been influenced by jazz. In his music, Sene reveals his everyday feelings and stories about his life and surroundings. His realistic lyrics blend naturally with worlds and stories arising from the imagination.


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