Joint early childhood and pre-primary education customer survey to be sent to guardians of about 60,000 children



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At the turn of October and November (26 October–9 November 2022), Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa will be carrying out a joint customer survey aimed at the guardians of children in municipal and private early childhood education and pre-primary education.

Kolme lasta leikkimässä.

The aim of the survey is to examine children’s and their guardians’ experiences of early childhood education and pre-primary education and their wishes in regard to development areas. The questions pertain to pedagogic activities, taking children into account, communications, interaction and practical inclusivity. Responses to the survey can be submitted in Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Russian, Arabic and Somali.

The survey has been conducted in cooperation among the municipalities since 2008. The survey will be sent to approximately 60,000 guardians of children in early or pre-primary education. The guardians will receive instructions on responding to the survey from their local provider of early childhood or pre-primary education.

The results of the customer survey will be published in January 2023.


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