Koivukylä residents’ forum invites residents to come and talk about local matters on November 22


The city management's residents’ forum will this fall take place in Koivukylä, on November 22, at 18:00-20:00. You can participate in the event on the spot in Koivukylä, or anywhere you wish by remote access. The venue is Koivukylä’s recently-renovated citizens' house Kirnu (address: Hakopolku 2, 01360 Vantaa).

Kaupungin johtoa Simonkylän asukasfoorumissa syksyllä 2020.

Simonkylä Residents' forum 2020

You can still influence the program of the residents’ forum through the survey that you can answer until November 11. By answering the survey, you can, among other things, list the topics you wish to talk about in the event.

Mayor Ritva Viljanen, deputy mayors, experts from the city's various departments, as well as representatives of Helsinki Region Transport, HSL, and the Police will be on the spot in Koivukylä to answer the residents’ questions. We welcome especially residents of Koivukylä and its immediate surroundings to participate in the event, even though the event is open to everybody interested in the area, as well as in matters related to the city.

As before, the program of the event consists of proposals related to the topical issues in the area. You can pose your questions directly to the city’s management during the general questions-and-answers section. Finally, the participants can choose the theme table they are interested in where more in-depth discussions on the city’s services in Koivukylä will take place.

The city management's residents’ forum  assembles twice a year in some of Vantaa’s districts. The first forum in 2021 was arranged as a virtual event on Kivistö. Fall 2020 was the previous time the forum was arranged on the spot, that time it took place in Simonkylä. The residents’ forum  is one of the city-level participation and influencing options the residents have in-between municipal elections.

Read more about participation and influencing options online at Get  involved and on current influencing places at: OsallistuvaVantaa.fi.



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