Vote on a name for Kivistö's new urban culture center


Now is the time to choose the name for Kivistö's future urban culture center. In the spring, we collected proposals for the name, and received great many good proposals, more than 500. The city’s workgroup selected the seven best proposals, on which Kivistö residents and fans of Kivistö get to vote.

Nainen pyöräilee Kivistössä.

Most of the suggestions continued Kivistö’s minerals theme, even though there were also names derived from wordplay and the region’s history.

The selection criteria for the seven alternatives to be voted on consisted of: suitability for Vantaa's values and brand, and suitability for the Kivistö area. In addition, good-sounding proposals that would come naturally were also chosen as alternatives. It was also accounted for if the same proposal had been submitted by several residents. 

Suggest a name for the new urban culture center here (Committed Vantaa) on August 15 - September 11, and you may win a 50-euro S-Group gift voucher! 

Kivistö urban culture center will open on the second floor of Kivis shopping mall. The center will have inspiring premises for a library, a youth center, organizations, children's culture, events, and residents’ activities. 

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