What kind of services and activities would you like the new children’s cultural center in Hakunila offer?


A new children’s cultural center will be opened in Håkansböle Manor’s laundry building. The cultural center will offer cultural services for schools, daycare centers, children, the young, and families.

Children playing at the Children’s Cultural Center Pyykkitupa.

We aim to build Children’s Cultural Center Pyykkitupa into an active cultural center where people enjoy events, hobbies, and spending time together. 

We are currently collecting ideas and wishes for planning the center's activities. You can make an impact on Pyykkitupa’s future activities by answering our survey by April 4, 2022. You can answer in Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic, Somali, Estonian and Russian. If you wish, you can also participate in the workshop and lottery of art-supply packages, the instructions are included in the survey. 

The survey has ended.


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