Help us develop Vantaa's service network – answer the survey


The City of Vantaa arranges myriad services all over the city. We are currently developing the service-network plan that comprises the city as a whole. Now you have the opportunity to influence goals that will dictate the development of the city’s services in the future. Answer the survey and tell us how easily you get to the services you use.

Child reading in the library.

The survey analyzes, for instance, how easily you access, among others, a health center, library, or swimming hall. The survey comprises all of the City of Vantaa's services, ranging from daycare centers to schools, from park and ride to the city veterinarian, and from Vantaa Infos to carpet wash places. We are hoping that your answers concern services you or someone in your family has used during the past four years. In the survey, you can also tell us which services provided by the city you would like to use electronically.

Residents can answer the survey from January 14 to February 18, 2022, on the (Committed Vantaa) website.

You can also answer the survey online or on paper in Finnish, Swedish, or English at Vantaa Infos and libraries. If the COVID-19 situation permits, you can also give your answers at citizens' houses.


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