Vantaa tunes in to the upcoming election on the Vantaudu vaaleille tour and Nuorten vaaleilla (“Youth Election”)


The Vantaudu vaaleille tour increases awareness of both the parliamentary election and of topics important to Vantaa. The encounters during the tour will take place in unexpected places in Vantaa and are meant for a bit unexpected listeners.

Kuvassa erivärisiä graafisia vaalisinettejä ja alhaalla vasemmalla sinisellä pohjalla valkoinen teksti Vantaudu vaaleille

Vantaudu vaaleille discussions offer Vantaa residents unexpected encounters with representatives of political parties. In these encounters, Vantaa candidates of different political parties (1 person / political party) will talk with the public. The parties participating in these events have been chosen by drawing of lots.

During the tours, discussion will be maintained by Mia Lindström, editor-in-chief of Vantaan Sanomat, and journalist Tiina Örn.

The discussions’ contents and themes arise from, among other things, Vantaa’s government program []

In addition, the tour includes Kaikkien Suomi - vai onko? (“Finland for everybody - or not?”), a multicultural election panel arranged by the Advisory Committee for Multicultural Issues.


Schedule and themes

March 2, at 18:30–19:15 Artsi (Myyrmäki) - General discussion on the city: municipal finances, internationality

March 7, at 15:30–16:15 Dixi (Tikkurila) - Rails and runway

March 14, at 14:30–15:15 Kuusijärvi - Greenness and wellbeing

March 15, at 11:45–12:25 Lumon lukio (Korso) - Competence and employment

March 15, at 17:00–19:00 Assembly Hall - Finland for everybody - or not? Multicultural election panel


Read more information on the event calendar:

All Vantaudu vaaleille events 


Youth Election is a national educational voting event where the young are introduced to the election and the candidates

We are pleased to say that altogether 18 City of Vantaa elementary schools and upper secondary education institutions, as well as two youth centers, announced themselves as organizers of the Youth Election in Vantaa. The City of Vantaa wants to support arranging Youth Election as part of its own democracy education for the young and offers participants instructions and support material for arranging the election and handling the matter. In addition, there will be voting booths to create a genuine election atmosphere.

Vantaa youth can familiarize themselves with the election themes also by following Tikkurila lukio’s student association's and Vantaa Youth Council’s joint parliamentary election panel on March 6, at 10:00-11.30. The election panel will be streamed online where everybody can watch it live.

On offer will also be an election quiz and tips on choosing your own candidate, for example, by using Nuorten vaalikone (the Youth 2023 election compass).

Youth Election will take place on March 6-17, 2023, coordinated by The Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi. The voting results will be published in cooperation with Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, on March 21. The candidates to be voted on will be the same as in the actual parliamentary election, and under-18-year-olds who cannot yet vote in the actual election are entitled to vote in Youth Election. Read more: Allianssi promotes the well-being of young people


Election seen on the streets of Vantaa more than in previous election years

In addition to centralized election advertising stands, the city is now testing placing stands advertising the coming parliamentary election in other public areas as well, for example, along public streets.

The advertisements are allowed from March 2 to April 2, 2023. The city will not charge any fee for the advertising places.

The advertisers are responsible for the ads which must be placed along streets, among other considerations, in such a way that they will not jeopardize traffic safety. After the election, the advertisements must be removed within a week.

Further information is provided by City Engineer Henry Westlin (


Vantaa’s actual election communications will begin soon, and we have something far out planned for you, so be sure to tune in to the election frequency!


Read more: Elections


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