Municipal strike to have extensive impacts in Vantaa


A large-scale municipal strike will begin on April 3. Trade unions Julkisalan koulutettujen neuvottelujärjestö JUKO (Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals), Jyty (the Federation of Public and Private Sector Employees), and Julkisten ja hyvinvointialojen liitto JHL (The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL) gave earlier a strike notice regarding the metropolitan area cities. The negotiations conducted have not resulted in any agreement. JUKO, JHL, and Jyty have announced that the strike will take place from May 3 to May 9.

The strike will largely affect the City of Vantaa’s functions. The impacts currently known are described below. More information will be updated on the City of Vantaa website at: where you will always find up-to-date information on the potential impacts of the strike. 

Impacts on education and instruction 

Early childhood education and pre-primary education: Due to the strike, the majority of early childhood education units will be closed. We will try to keep some daycare centers open, to the extent possible. Pre-primary education activities will be suspended because of the strike. The situation will be re-assessed after May 3. We will inform of any changes as soon as possible. 

Basic Education: Because of the strike, basic education and daily activities for disabled children will be suspended. Schools will be closed on May 3, 2022. On the evening of May 3, we will assess how many employees are present at schools. The schools with enough employees present can arrange instruction on May 4 - 9, 2022. Before and after-school activities belong within the scope of the strike.  

High schools and Varia: The City of Vantaa high schools and Vantaa Vocational College Varia have made educational-institution-specific operating plans. High schools and Varia will instruct students and guardians in operating methods before the potential strike begins, at the latest on the preceding workday. If the strike begins on May 3, students will be in distance learning the first day, after which the educational institutions will instruct them how to proceed.  

Impacts on social and health services 

It is difficult to accurately predict the impacts of the strike on social and health services, but if realized, the strike will likely have extensive impacts on these services, as well. 

Health services’, oral health care’s and family and social services’ urgencies will be carried out also during the strike. We will also try to ensure normal health and safety promoting services for customers of services for the elderly and the disabled. 

We will describe in more detail the impacts of the potential strike on social and health services on our websites. 

A large number of social welfare and health care employees have joined the trade unions Super (The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses) and The Union of Health and Social Care Services - Tehy that have not given a strike notice. These trade unions have, however, given a notice of an overwork and shift-change ban, which will affect the City of Vantaa’s services.

Impacts on cultural and leisure services 

The majority of the city’s leisure facilities—such as sports facilities and libraries—will be closed during the strike. Youth Services—for example, youth centers, youth workshops, outreach youth work—will mostly be closed during the strike.  

Instruction at Vantaa Adult Education Institute, Vantaa Art School, and Vantaa Music Institute may be suspended, which also applies to guided sports and cultural activities. We will specify the opening hours of service points and services after the strike begins. 

Other potential impacts 

Vantaa Infos and the city's phone services will be closed during the strike. 

No major changes in Employment Services 

It seems that Employment Services will function as usual. On-the-spot transacting, however, may have to be restricted. Phone services and e-Services will function as usual. If appointments have to be postponed, the customers will be separately informed about the matter. 

Up-to-date information on the websites 

The details will be specified in the course of this and the next week. Up-to-date information on the impacts of the strike have been collected on the city's website at:


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