Please remember that billing of early childhood education customer fees is delayed



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During the fall and winter, billing of early childhood education customer fees is transferred to the VaSa service. Because of the transfer, there has been delays in billing of early childhood education customer fees.

The bill for August will be sent to the families on week 51, and its due date is early next year. From then on, the rest of the fall and winter bills will arrive at approximately 3 - 4-week intervals during the winter and spring.

We try to periodize the due dates of the bills. In the spring, a bill for two different months may fall due in the same month. The bills have different due dates, because during the winter and spring, we will also send real-time bills in addition to sending the bills for the previous fall.  

Please be prepared for these bills by putting some money aside for them.

When the bills arrive, you can, when required, contact Early Childhood Education's customer billing:

By phone: 09 83922004 / Mon-Fri at 9:00–11:30. When calling the phone service, you can choose whether you need help with payment decisions or with billing-related issues.

By e-mail: (inquiries about paying bills, for example, postponing of due dates and issues related to collecting), OR (inquiries about payment decisions, for example, accounting for income in payment decisions)

We regret this extra trouble, which is due to changes in our payment system and delays in the fall billing. 


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