Kuusijärvi offers diverse and authentic dining experiences close to nature. In addition to dining at the restaurant, you can enjoy your own snacks out in nature, grill over a campfire and forage for food at Kuusijärvi.

In the restaurant

At Kuusijärvi, you can find the city of Vantaa’s partner, café-restaurant Café Kuusijärvi. Café Kuusijärvi is open daily and serves customers in the log cabin-style main building. Its restaurant has a beautiful view out onto the lake. You can enjoy lunch at the restaurant every day, or refreshments or a light afternoon snack between swimming and sunbathing. In the summer season, you can pop by the ice cream kiosk on the beach to pick up a delicious cold treat. The ice cream kiosk is open from May to August, weather permitting.

Kuusijärven luonto- ja virkistysalue vuonna 2022.

On a trip

It is also a good idea to bring your own snacks to Kuusijärvi! You can enjoy sandwiches, juice, thermos coffee or perhaps a homemade burrito while out on a hike in nature, sledging, at the beach or wherever you start to feel peckish.

If you forget to pack your own food, don’t worry! You can stop by the café-restaurant to pick up delicious food and drinks that will keep you going. At the Kuusijärvi campfire site, you can grill sausages or toast marshmallows which are bound to also be a hit with children. You can find picnic tables around the campfire site. A new campfire site with picnic tables is currently under construction on the eastern side of the beach and will be complete at the end of 2022.

Remember to take your rubbish with you. You can find bins for your rubbish on Kuusijärvi beach. When out on longer trips in faraway places like Sipoonkorpi, you should take your rubbish away with you.


Food from nature

Finnish forests and bogs are full of nutritious and sweet berries as well as edible mushrooms. In addition to providing various ways to get moving and exercise in nature, hikers at Kuusijärvi also have the opportunity to taste what nature has to offer by foraging. You can go berry or mushroom picking during laid-back outings at Kuusijärvi or Sipoonkorpi National Park while also enjoying good company and the health benefits of nature.

Picking berries and mushrooms is an everyman’s right for Finnish residents and visitors. This means that you are free to pick berries and mushrooms for your own pleasure as long as you do not disturb nature.

For instance, the blueberry picking season starts around mid-July. Lingonberries, on the other hand, can be picked from the end of August. The mushroom season usually starts in mid-July and carries on into the autumn. To determine the exact timing, you can visit the forest to follow the progress.