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You should bravely vote for such a parliamentary election candidate that meets your values and advocates matters important to you.

Vaalilipun ojennus virkaililjalle

Early voting in the parliamentary election will take place on March 22-28, 2023.

The parliamentary election takes place at 4-year intervals. Citizens of Finland choose 200 members of parliament to decide on our shared matters. In parliamentary election, every person entitled to vote can choose a candidate from their own electoral district that will represent them as well as possible. Every Finnish national who is 18 or older at the latest on the election day is entitled to vote. All votes cast at the election are valuable. 

During the advance voting period—March 22 - 28—you can choose a voting place most suitable for you in Vantaa or anywhere else. Vantaa has 15 advance voting places. On the election day, that is April 2, you can only vote at the polling place specified in your polling card. The polling card will be mailed to your home address, and if you have adopted the service, you can also find it there. 

Make sure that on the election day you have a valid identity card—such as a passport or a driver's license—with you. 

Read more about the parliamentary election and the City of Vantaa's election arrangements online at: 


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