Vantaa's ski tracks invite you to ski


Vantaa offers excellent conditions for skiing. In a good winter, there can be up to 400 km of tracks.

Recent winters have spoiled skiers all over southern Finland. The number of skiers has increased and more and more of them have also been seen on Vantaa's tracks. Vantaa residents are also keen to give feedback about the tracks.

We compiled information on topics that, based on the feedback, are of interest to the Vantaa skiing public.

The tracks are reserved for skiers. In winter, the outdoor trails that are made into tracks are only for skiing. So you can't walk on them. Vantaa has plenty of recreational and winter-maintained trails for walkers and joggers.

A good track is not created overnight. Making quality tracks is slow work. The depth and quality of the snow will determine when natural track-making can take place. For the base of the track, the snow is first tamped into a compact layer, for example with a tractor or quad bike. An actual track can only be made when the base is thick enough.

You can even go skiing with your dog. You can't bring your dog to a regular track, but you can bring him or her to one of Vantaa three dog ski tracks. These tracks are located in Hakunila, Simonkallio and Petikko.

You can check the condition of the tracks in the online service. Track information is updated in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s shared service and in Vantaa's own service. In the Vantaa Map Service, in addition to the condition of the tracks, you can also check other information related to them, such as lighting, skiing style and possible toilets.

You can ski in Vantaa even during winters with little snow. The Hakunila sports park and Petikko outdoor recreation area also have tracks made from artificial snow. You can ski on these tracks even when there is not enough natural snow to make ski tracks.


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