City of Vantaa to allow wearing of swimming trunks and burqinis in swimming pools as of the beginning of next year



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The year 2023 will bring changes in the City of Vantaa swimming pools’ regulations. Wearing swimming trunks and burqinis is allowed, use of phones on dressing premises is forbidden, and swimming time lengthens.

You can swim in the City of Vantaa swimming pools in swimming trunks and burqinis as of January 1, 2023. A burqini is a swimsuit that covers the whole body except the face, the hands, and the feet.

The reform aims at widely reducing the threshold of engaging in water sports and at unifying regulations related to swimsuits between the metropolitan area cities. The change in the regulations is based on the analysis—conducted by the Tasa-arvoista sporttia project (Equal Sports) in August 2022—that recommended revising the regulations for swimsuits. The City of Vantaa started to prepare the swimsuit change in September 2022.

As of the beginning of next year, the swimsuits allowed are: swimsuits made of swimsuit material, bikinis, swimming trunks, full-body swimsuit, short-hem full-body swimsuit, and swimming shorts. In the future as well, the swimsuit must be user safe. It may not cause, for example, a risk of clinging and it may not have loose parts that could block the airways.

Lengthened swimming time, use of phones on washing and dressing premises forbidden

Swimming pools’ new regulations have been revised based on the feedback gained. From the beginning of the year, swimming time in the City of Vantaa swimming pools lengthens to two hours. 

At the same time, use of phones and smart devices is forbidden on the swimming pools’ washing and dressing premises. The city tries to make swimming pools safer exercise premises and to prevent bullying with the help of the camera ban. Safer premises are premises that provide the people present with reassurance of physical, mental, and social safety.

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