Ideas for Myyrmäki participatory budgeting to be collected from April 8 to May 1


Myyrmäki residents get to decide how to spend the €50 000 allocated for developing Myyrmäki and its environs. The ideas will be collected up to First of May.

People looking at street art in Myyrmäki.

Participatory budgeting is residents’ channel to decide on how the city-allocated sum will be spent. First, you can submit your ideas about what could be accomplished with the money. After that, the ideas will be reviewed and worked into projects that will be voted on. By voting, you get to influence which projects will be implemented. The projects that have reaped the most votes and are feasible with the sum allowed will be realized.  

Schedule for Our Myrtsi participatory budgeting  

The idea-generation stage will take place on April 8, - May 1, 2022, during which period residents’ ideas for developing the neighborhood will be collected. There are specific themes and criteria set for the ideas; you can view them at places where you can submit your ideas.  

You can submit your ideas   

  • online at:,  
  • tel. 09 8395 0160, and  
  • on paper to mailboxes at Myyräncolo, citizens' house Myyrinki, Virtakirkko, as well as Myyrmäki library. You will find the instructions and forms right next to the mailboxes.   

The ideas received will be handled by experts on May 2 - June 2, 2022. The experts will verify that the ideas submitted meet the criteria, are feasible, and suggest changes, when required.    

The ideas submitted by the residents, including the experts’ comments on them, will be made available for public inspection on June 3, at 16:00.  Everybody can view all the ideas submitted, as well as suggest alternations into them, if any.   

A residents’ workshop on further development of ideas will be held on September 5, 2022, at 18:00. There will be one or more workshops, based on the residents’ interest, where the residents and experts will together work on the ideas.  

The second expert-handling round begins on September 15, 2022, during which the ideas will gain their final forms and price tags. After this, they are projects to be voted on. 

The residents get to vote on which projects will be implemented on November 1 - 22, 2022. 

The voting results will be known on December 15, 2022, at 16:00. The winning projects will be implemented in the course 2023. 

Read the instructions and tell us about your ideas by First of May.


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