Up, out and enjoy the winter!


Ski, skate, walk or swim. In Vantaa you will find the pleasure of moving all year round. Get to know our winter sports facilities and take a trip out for some fresh air!

All physical activity is important. Even a short break outdoors in the fresh air has health benefits. You don't always have to go for a sweaty run, light exercise is good for muscles and joints and can be a mental boost.

For those who love winter sports, Vantaa offers skating rinks[BAM1]  and skiing trails for different types and levels. Or take a walk, with or without poles. A dip in the fresh air stimulates the circulation and relieves stress. You can do all this in Vantaa. Check out the places where you can get some exercise.

Ski tracks

Vantaa's extensive cross-country skiing network offers up to 400 km of tracks in snowy winters. Even when there is not enough natural snow, the first-snow slopes at Petikko and Hakunila are often accessible.

Normally you can only ski on the tracks. However, dogs and their handler are welcome on Vantaa's three dog tracks.

Skate rinks

In Vantaa you can skate on four artificial ice rinks. They are located in Hiekkaharju, Kartanonkoski, Korso and Martinlaakso.

Winter swimming places

The sledging hill is a fun way to get the speed up. When you're looking for a good sledding hill, head for the sledding hills of Kenraalinpuisto or Lake Kuusijärvi.

Sledging slopes

The sledging slope is a fun way to get the speed up. When you're looking for a good sledding slope in Vantaa, head for the sledding slope of Kenraalinpuisto or Kuusijärvi.

For a winter fishing trip or a picnic

For a longer outdoor activity, pack a rucksack and head out into the scenic surroundings of Kuusijärvi or Sipoonkorvi.

The route from Lake Kuusijärvi, guided by orange diagonals, runs via the Sudentassu Bridge to Sipoonkorpi National Park, all the way to the Bisajärvi hiking spot.

Do you like fishing? Did you know you can do it also in the winter. And it is such fun! You don't need a licence to fish at wintertime, but you can't fish everywhere. For example, winter fishing is not allowed in rapids. And, of course, you can't go on weak ice, even if you want to catch fish. Read more

Walking routes

Refresh your mind and body with a little stroll. Vantaa has many recreational and winter-maintained paths for walking and jogging, for example in parks.


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