Results of Havukoski, Mikkola, and Länsimäki participatory budgeting


Since the spring, participatory budgeting—a process where the residents can influence how to spend city-allocated funds—has been going on in Havukoski, Mikkola, and Länsimäki. In participatory budgeting, the residents get to decide on how to spend €50,000 on developing each district.

Two people, one standing and the other sitting on the fence. On the background there are trees and grass.

The process began in April with the idea-generation stage where the residents submitted their proposals for developing their own districts, and it reached its climax in the proposals that were voted on in September - October. The proposal that reaped the most votes will be implemented in each district, as well as the proposal with the second biggest number of votes, etc., until the allocated sum of money is reached.

Around four percent of those entitled to vote cast their votes in the elections that were open to all the residents in the three districts. A total of 671 votes were cast; the combined population in the three districts amounts to around 17,000.

“It is great to see how actively the residents in all the three districts participated in the different stages of the process, from submitting ideas to voting on them. I thank everybody for their cooperation.” Next year, we can enjoy the results,” applauds community involvement coordinator Laura Lettenmeier.

The following nine different proposals will be implemented in Havukoski: renovating Hanaböle mill environment (€10,000); adding trashcans along passageways (€6,000); planting trees (€6,000) and planting cherry trees, bushes, and meadow plants (€10,000); renovating pedestrian and cycling routes (€8,000); arranging a cleaning event (€1,000); arranging guided outdoor gym practice (€2,000); making street art (€5,000); and adding driving barriers along Havukoskenkatu pedestrian and cycling route (€2,000).

The projects to be carried out in Länsimäki consist of: placing more trashcans in parks and along passageways (€6,000); planting cherry trees (€5,000); arranging a gaming event (€1,000); arranging outdoor gym practice (€1,000); installing frisbee-golf baskets (€2,000); planting flowers (€4,000); cleaning and renovating the front of the store on Maalinauhantie (€15,000); cleaning trenches in connection with a cleaning event and making a sign telling about the history of the trenches (€3,5000); and planting berry bushes or other useful plants (€2,000) as well as a flower meadow for insects (€5,000).

The projects to be carried out in Mikkola consist of: planting blossoming trees (€10,000), an insect-friendly flower meadow (€3,000), and flowers along streets (€3,000); arranging a village festival (€5,000); arranging an outdoor gym (€1,000); adding trashcans along passageways and green areas (€5,000); adding benches (€8,000); and improving street lightning (€15,000).

The selected proposals will be implemented in the course of 2022. Check the selected proposals in more detail online at:


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