How to spend €50,000 in Havukoski, Länsimäki and Mikkola? Vote by October 17!

Two people slam their raised palms together.

Havukoski, Länsimäki and Mikkola residents get to vote on how to develop each of these areas with a sum of €50,000. The vote is part of participatory budgeting, a process where the city and the residents together develop the city’s districts. The vote takes place on September 22 - October 17.

There are around 20 different projects for each of the three districts, and you can now vote on implementing them. The projects are based on residents’ ideas, given in an earlier stage of participatory budgeting, which were refined in workshops by residents and the city’s experts. Finally, the city experts defined a sum for implementing each of the projects.

Each district has its own plans, but in all of the districts, you can vote, for example, for new flowerbeds, an outdoor gym, benches, and trash cans. The projects also include events such as an outdoor gym.

All residents of Havukoski, Länsimäki, and Mikkola districts are eligible to vote. The Havukoski district includes the area reaching from the railroad track all the way to the Kerava River. People of all ages—including children and the young—are eligible to vote. Each resident can vote only once.

At their lowest, the prices of implementing the projects are €1,000 (outdoor gym, voluntary cleaning event) and at the highest €35,000 (outdoor exercise equipment sets). When voting, each voter can choose the projects they would like to be implemented in their own district. Each voter can choose the plans they wish amounting to at max. €50,000. If you wish, you can vote for one project only.

Vote online at the Log in to the website with your email address or with your Google or Facebook identifiers. You can also vote on a paper ballot at Koivukylä citizens' house (Hakopolku 2), Länsimäki Library, (Suunnistajankuja 2), and in Mikkola in connection with the bookmobile stops (Maarukanmetsä stop, Maarukankuja 9, on Thursdays at 18:35–18:55 and Mikkola stop, Marsinkuja 4, on Thursdays at 19:00–19:30).

The results of the vote will be published on the website at the end of October. The projects that gained the most votes will be implemented until the total of €50,000 is reached. For example, if the project that gained the most votes costs €35,000, the second €20,000, and the third €15,000, the first and the third project will be implemented, because the total of implementing the first and the second project would exceed the allocated sum of €50,000.

The winning projects will be implemented in the course of 2022.

For more information on the Our Havukoski, Our Länsimäki, and Our Mikkola projects, go to:

Last year the corresponding participatory budgeting projects took place in Martinlaakso and Hakunila. Hakunila residents voted for, among others, a frisbee-golf course, whereas park yoga won in Martinlaakso.


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