Vantaa youth council wishes to communicate actively in 2022 and influence preparation of wellbeing services county


The youth council wants in 2022 to increase its own visibility and recognition, to develop its communications, as well as to improve cooperation between schoolchild and student associations and the youth council. It also wants to influence preparation of the wellbeing services county by bringing the voices of the young into it.

Nuorisovaltuusto vuonna 2022 Kukonnotkossa

Vantaa youth council 2022

The youth council aims to submit more initiatives and stands this year. It encourages the young to directly give the youth council their ideas for stands to be made. Important themes to the youth council are, among others, the quality of school meals, as well as violence and safety at schools.

The youth council strives to increase its visibility and recognition by focusing, especially, on communication. It has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The latest channel the youth council has adopted is TikTok. The youth council wants to create contents related to the members, meetings and other events of the youth council.

Schools, high schools and vocational colleges’ student associations are the youth council's important partners. The youth council aims to further strengthen this cooperation. “As a first step, I think its adamant that we have contacts on a regular basis. The youth council aims to make itself more approachable than ever before during this council term,” tells Filip Godlewski, chair of the youth council.

The Vantaa-Kerava wellbeing services county will establish a new local youth council, and Vantaa Youth Council has named its own representatives for the foundation process. “We Vantaa youths find it important—as do also Kerava youths—that the voices of the young be heard in the wellbeing services county's decisionmaking. We set up a joint task force to consider what the wellbeing services county’s youth council will be like,” adds Godlewski.

Vantaa Youth Council ratified in its meeting on March 22, 2022, its 2022 action plan. The youth council meetings are open to all Vantaa youths. The youth council has operated in Vantaa since 2000. The Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland has granted Vantaa its Youth Council Friendly City recognition.


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