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In Vantaa, we make sure that every child gets a good beginning in early childhood education, as well as flexible transitions, for example, from one group or operating unit to another. We have compiled a checklist for guardians of children beginning early childhood education, which may be helpful as new kinds of routines are arising.

Aikuinen leikkii lapsen kanssa.

Picture: Sercan Alkan

Checklist for guardians when their child begins early childhood education

  • The child will first see the early childhood education place with their guardian.
  • Plan the first days in early childhood education to be shorter than usual, to the extent possible.
  • Reserve more time for yourself during the first mornings when you bring your child to early childhood education.
  • The child may bring along some important objects such as a sleep toy.
  • The moment of parting may be emotional to you and to your child. It is okay to have feelings of missing one another.
  • Do not try to unnecessarily delay going away.
  • When required, you can contact the employees during the day and ask them how your child is doing.
  • Read the bulletins given and save the group's phone number.
  • Discussion, immediate feedback, and keeping the group personnel up-to-date on issues related to your child will help to create functional interaction between home and early childhood education.
  • Each child familiarizes themselves with the early childhood education place at their own pace. Positive and increasing experiences on interacting with friends, on playing, on different activities, as well as on safe interaction with adults will make it easier for your child to adjust to early childhood education.

We are applying beginning and transition practices to build a feeling of safety and trust in the children, as well as to start and continue good cooperation with the guardians.


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