City council discussed last year’s welfare account


Vantaa City Council entered the year 2020 welfare account for information in its meeting on April 12. The account is a comprehensive review of Vantaa residents’ welfare, collected from several sources of information.

The welfare account describes the situation in Vantaa, and the measures taken based on it will be separately reported. Below are some essential observations, to which special attention shall be paid.

Work on supporting healthy lifestyles is further needed. Only a small number of Vantaa children and the young sufficiently engage in daily physical activities and, on the average, every other of them does not take a school lunch on a daily basis. As many as a quarter of adults do not engage in physical exercise in their leisure. It is especially common for elderly women to not engage in leisure-time physical exercise. Only less than a half of Vantaa adults eat vegetables and fruit in accordance with nutritional recommendations.

Especially girls suffer from mental disorders; anxiety and school fatigue are alarmingly common. Furthermore, mental-health-based sickness absences have increased during the past few years. Approximately a quarter of Vantaa working-age people deem that their work ability has reduced and that they will probably not have the ability to work until retirement age.

Measured by the morbidity index, Vantaa residents’ state of health is better, on the average, than that of others in Finland, but regional differences within the city remain big. There are also regional differences in educational level and employment.

The unemployment rate of those with immigrant backgrounds is about twice that of the mainstream population. In addition, the number of young people with immigrant backgrounds who are outside employment and training is alarmingly big.

City council ratified local detailed plans

Office buildings, a hotel and experiential center, as well as a parking garage serving them will be built in Veromies’ Grand Wing area. Moreover, housing is being planned for the city block. The area at present mainly consists of low-growth brushwood and forest cover. It is located around 1.5 kilometers from Aviapolis train station opposite Flamingo and Jumbo.

Four new housing areas dominated by small houses will be planned for Hämevaara's Vieteririnne.

In Petikko, the Tiilenpolttajankuja 3b lot will be expanded. The car repair shop needs the area for parking and for driving around the building.