City council ratified Mikkola and Veromies plan alterations


In its meeting on September 20, Vantaa City Council handled, among others, plan alterations.

The city council ratified the plan alteration for Mikkola expansion area. The plan alteration makes it possible to place eight new apartment houses in the city block situated along Pihkalantie, to the south of Kaakkoisväylä. On estimate, 350 housing units will be built in the area, accommodating 700 residents.

The meeting also ratified the alteration to Veromies local detailed plan. A city block with office buildings will be built near the northern station of Aviapolis, and it will be characterized as being an urban and sustainably designed workplace area. The plan alteration helps to create an urban city block that consists of a verdant inner court, urban buildings, and a square-like area. The area is at present designated as an unbuilt block for office buildings.