The city council ratified Vantaa’s budget for the coming year - More support for children and the young


In its last meeting of the year, on December 13, the city council ratified the city’s budget for the coming year as well as the financial plan for 2022-2025. In addition, the council ratified the new local detailed plans for Silkkitehtaantie in Tikkurila and Hiirakkokuja in Hakunila, which will enable building of hundreds of new housing units in the growing areas.

Recovery from coronavirus and balancing the economy to continue

The coronavirus epidemic will continue to bring uncertainty in the future. Nevertheless, Vantaa will continue its solid growth. The city will keep its investments on a stimulative level, which is of importance as the unexceptionally high unemployment rate prevails. The city will enhance recovery from the coronavirus epidemic by shortening the service and healthcare debt. The city has compiled a three-year coronavirus-recovery program, in which it will invest a total of €18 million. At the same time, the city will continue to work on balancing the economy so that its operational economy will be balanced in 2023. As part of balancing the economy, the city council—after voting on the matter—decided to quit the Vantaa supplement as of August 1. 

Next year, especially children and the young will be supported. A second Youth Center NUPPI will be opened in West Vantaa, and the city's mental-health services will be improved. Wellbeing-at-work and rewarding of early childhood education employees will be improved, and the resources of family counseling clinic will be bolstered. Furthermore, the Cultural, Citizen Services and Youth Services departments’ grants will be increased, whereas cuts in the Sports unit's grants will be canceled. 

Hundreds of new housing units in Tikkurila and Hakunila

The meeting ratified the local detailed plan alterations in Silkkitehtaantie in Tikkurila and in Hiirakkokuja in Hakunila. 

The Silkkitehtaantie area covered by the plan ranges from southern downtown Tikkurila, along Kielotie, neighboring the old silk factory.  The plan alteration constitutes part of Tikkurila’s urban renovation, which aims to increase housing construction in downtown Tikkurila and along Vantaa light rail. The local detailed plan will adapt the business and office block suitable for housing construction. There will be 202 new housing units whose average acreage will amount to around 57 square meters. 

Hakunila’s Hiirakkokuja plan alteration makes it possible to build new apartment buildings along the rail line planned in Hakunila, which will make the area’s present housing provision and cityscape more versatile. When completed, the plan alteration will offer around 330 new housing units to around 500 residents. 


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