City executive board decided on small-house lots’ land-cession principles


In its meeting on March 13, 2023, the city executive board handled, among other things, the 2022 HR report and welfare account, the transport policy, as well as the general small-house lots’ lease principles.

2022 HR Report

The city executive board handled—in its meeting on March 13, 2023—year 2022 HR report that describes the state of HRD and human resource management, as well as how well the goals set for them have been achieved.

Work atmosphere is deemed to be good, and work communities have a lot of social capital. According to the report, also middle managers are deemed to have performed very well in Vantaa (item 8).

2022 Vantaa welfare account

The meeting also handled the welfare account whose themes were wellbeing and involvement as experienced by the residents. For example, children and the young's sports activity has slightly increased except for students at vocational institutions, and according to statistics, some age groups eat more school lunch than before in Vantaa (item 9).

Vantaa's transport policy and developing parking in Vantaa

The city executive board approved the transport policy and developing parking in Vantaa. In addition, the city executive board approved the general small-house lots’ lease principles, terms and conditions, pricing changes, as well as rent increases of lots (item 11).

General leasing principles of small-house lots in 2023                                                                                      

The annual rent of the lot amounts to 4% of the lot’s fair value. The lease is tied to the consumer-price index as decreed by legislation. 

Alterations to local detailed plan and distribution of lots

The alteration to the Kosotie local detailed plan and the proposal to alter the distribution of lots were approved to make the local detailed plan correspond to the requirements presented by the city's base. 

The meeting also answered city councilors’ and political groups’ initiatives:

1. Initiative to establish a citizens' house in Martinlaakso. Residents would manage the premises, and their association would plan the use of the premises, as well as implement equal use of the premises by different resident groups. Corresponding premises are also needed in Kaivoksela and Hämeenkylä (item 17).

2. Initiative to launch an analysis charting the number of citizens' houses, users of the premises, as well as realization of inclusion and non-discrimination on the premises. 

3. Initiative for the city to take action to curb unnecessary refreshment and entertainment expenses of city councilors and office-holders’ seminar trips, restaurant evenings, and similar events.