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The election day of the next municipal election is Sunday, June 13, 2021.

handing out a ballot paper.

This year, the early voting period was longer than usually and lasted for two weeks. During the early voting 28,4 % of Vantaa citizens who are eligible to vote, cast their votes. This was more than in the previous municipal elections four years ago. At that time 19,5 % of the votes were given during the early voting.

A lot of people prefer voting on the election day, however – so welcome to vote on Sunday!

On the election day, you can only vote in the voting place specified in your polling card. Vantaa has 68 voting places and all of the voting places are open from 9:00 to 20:00.

If you are unsure about your voting place, you will find it on the map, based on your home address, online at: aanestyspaikat.fi. Please use the address you had in April 23, 2021 as this is the day that determines your voting place.

Ensuring the safety

The arrangements of the municipal elections have been made as safe as possible to prevent coronavirus from spreading.

Each polling station will be located near the entrance of the building, which means it will be quick to come inside and vote. There are stickers on the floor to remind voters that they need to maintain safety distances. Voters are advised to queue outside, if that is possible.

General safety instructions will be applied to all voting places. Voters are recommended to keep a minimum 2-meter safety distance, to wear a face mask, to observe cough etiquette, to take their own pencil or ballpoint pen with them to the voting place, and to use the hand sanitizer available on the voting place premises. A barcode identity card accelerates registration. Please note that there is no barcode in a passport.

Are you in quarantine or do you have respiratory symptoms?

If you have respiratory symptoms before the election day, get tested for coronavirus and wait for the test result before voting.

If the test result does not arrive before the election day or you experience symptoms only on the election day, you can vote in the voting place specified in your polling card. The voting will be arranged outside the building and in separation to other voters. Follow the instructions provided at the polling station: at each voting place, you will be given a phone number to contact the local election officials for more information. Do not go inside the polling station and remember to maintain distance to other voters.

If a doctor has ordered you to remain in quarantine or isolation, you must not leave your home to go to the polling station without permission of a physician specialised in communicable diseases.

More information about voting on election day available at vantaa.fi. There is, for example, a video that guides you through the voting process in an easy to understand format.


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