Vantaa City Council ratified the plan for Backas manor’s experiential park


An experiential park, housing units, and services are being planned for the environs of Backas manor.

Vantaan kaupunginvaltuuston sali

Vantaan city council.

Vantaa City Council had a lively discussion about the proposed Backas local detailed plan and a proposed alteration to it on Monday. The plan alteration was ratified but several protocol statements on it were submitted.

The aim is to build entire Backas into an important tourist attraction that combines Finnish nature, cultural history, and interesting brands. The experiential center will be built along the manor’s hill, and a personal residential block will arise beside it.

The project consists of, among other things, a Moomin indoor park; an event center for various kinds  of performances and events; outdoor premises, for example, for sled-door rides; and an indoor park based on nature themes. It will bolster Aviapolis’ vision of a vibrant and international airport city. The landscape will remain open, and the manor area will remain open to the public. Different from earlier plans, the amount of residential building has been reduced, while the number of light-traffic routes has been increased.

The city council also ratified the alteration to local detailed plans for Ylästö's Kalliosolantie and for Kaivoksela. The Kaivoksela local detailed plan consists of renovation of Hämeenlinnanväylä, the protected Yhtiönkuja, as well as two business lots. The plan alteration for Ylästö will make it possible to build a three-story industrial, storage and office building.