Vantaa City Executive Board decided on summer employment aid for the young


Vantaa City Executive Board had its first meeting in 2023 on January 16. The meeting decided on summer employment aid for the young.

Summer employment aid consists of a summer-job voucher and summer-entrepreneurship aid. The summer-job voucher will help Vantaa youth find jobs in businesses and associations, while the summer-entrepreneurship aid will offer youth ages 17 - 29 the chance to become light entrepreneurs during the summer.

The city's summer-job vouchers will again be electronically distributed next summer to more than 2,700 9th-graders. In addition, 900 summer-job vouchers will be handed out by Vantaa Infos, Ohjaamo, and through online application. These vouchers are meant for those born in 2005 - 2008 who will not get the voucher from school. This group consists of 10,956 young persons.

In addition, the city executive board decided to launch the city's Summer Entrepreneurship campaign. At max. 75 young people will be chosen for the campaign, based on applications submitted. The summer-entrepreneurship aid amounts to €300 per young person.

Support for the Ukrainian Association in Finland

The city executive board decided to grant a €60,000-operating grant to the Ukrainian Association in Finland, for Korso logistics center’s operations in 2023. The logistics center operates by volunteer workers and transports humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Disposition plan and alterations to local detailed plan for Tikkurila

Tikkurila’s 2020 disposition plan focuses on the development of downtown Tikkurila up to year 2040. The aim is for Tikkurila to develop and grow as a versatile, layered city center, part of the growth of the entire metropolitan area. The area will compact inward, in accordance with Vantaa’s new local master plan. The disposition plan makes it possible to gain 10,000 new residents and 4,000 new jobs. The planning area comprises 1.9 square kilometers, and it covers the entire Tikkurila district, as well as part of Hiekkaharju, Jokiniemi, Kuninkaala, and Viertola. The city executive board ratified the disposition plan—dated November 15, 2022—as instructions for the local master plan for the entire area.

City of Vantaa Real Estates and Premises applies for changing Vantaankosken mylly into event use, as well as for building a hotel and tavern on the lot. The city executive board decided to leave this item on the table, to be handled at the next meeting.

The city executive board decided to make Koivuhaka's local detailed plan and alteration to it available for public inspection for thirty (30) days. The plan and the alteration to it prepare for Vantaa light rail by designating sufficient space for the infrastructure and improved street environment required by the light rail. The aim is to broaden the streets along Tikkurilantie, Puutarhatie, Niittytie, Ohtolankatu, and Köyhämäentiel by changing parts of the blocks and Niittypuisto's park into street areas. In addition, the street area in southern Tikkurilantie, at the Puutarhatie intersection, will in part be turned into a pedestrian street, and the connection from Puutarhatie to Tikkurilantie will be cut due to the new traffic arrangements caused by the light rail.

The industrial, business and office building block along Tikkurilantie in Viertola will be turned into a block of high-rise residential buildings. A 3-story building will be demolished and replaced with buildings that will have at max. eight stories, lowering toward the river into 4-story buildings. The block will have 150 new housing units, and street-level Tikkurilantie will have more business space. The city executive board decided to submit the alteration to the local detailed plan for the city council's approval.