Cooperation with home is important throughout the learning path - from daycare center to upper secondary education. Functional education partnering supports a child/young person's growth, wellbeing, and learning.


Goals of cooperation

The goals of cooperation between home, daycare center, school, or educational institution are to  


  • promote the child/young person's growth, wellbeing, and learning 
  • support the sense of community, as well as prevent bullying 
  • encourage parents and city employees to interact and cooperate. 

Cooperation emphasizes seeing the good in the child/young person.

Levels of cooperation

PTA activities

Parents' associations act in daycare centers, schools, and educational institutions. All the guardians in the units in question can participate in these activities. The associations support and develop cooperation and can arrange, for instance, various events. Guardians’ joint operation will support the sense of community between families.

The regional association of Vantaa Parents’ Associations, VANVARY

The regional association of Vantaa Parents’ Associations, VANVARY, is an important partner of the city. The purpose of the regional association is to bolster the operating conditions for and cooperation between parents and parents' associations on influencing children’s growth environment. The aim is to promote education partnering, sense of community, children's wellbeing, as well as bringing forth guardians’ opinions on issues related to education and upbringing. Read more on Vanvary’s website: 

Further information

The principles and operating procedures of cooperation have been opened in the Home and Learning cooperation model, which the Education and Learning committee ratified in November 2022. The translation in English is coming soon!

Kodin ja oppimisen yhteistyömalli.pdf(pdf, 2.47 MB)


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