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In Vantaa, the Wilma application is used for cooperation between the home and the school.

Kaksi henkilö istuvat kasvot tietokoneen näyttöä kohti.

The caretakers of new students will get a key code with the compulsory education notification between December and January. The code is used to create a user profile to Wilma. If the caretakers want personal and separate users to WILMA, a new key code can be asked from the school to create a second profile. The caretakers of a student who starts their school in Vantaa at a later time will get their key code from the school office. If the student changes schools within Vantaa, the Wilma-user will remain the same.

In Wilma the caretakers can see:

  •  The timetables of their child
  •  In-class notifications and test results
  •  Assessment and evaluation information
  •  Notifications about support, notes and documents regarding the school

Wilma’s most common functions also work in the mobile app, which you can start using after logging in. Using Wilma, the guardians can follow the pupil’s educational advance, notify of and clarify the pupil’s absences, update your own and the pupil’s contact information, message with teachers and other staff, and read school notifications, among other things.

Creating a guardian's Wilma log in

In Vantaa, the Wilma application is used for cooperation between the home and the school. When you create a login and register your child in school, log into Wilma with an internet browser (not the mobile app). The Wilma username will initially only be in effect during registration for school. Keep the login and password, because they will be in effect again when the decisions for local schools have been made and can be read in Wilma. The same login is used to apply for a slot in the afternoon club, among other things. The same login is in effect during the entire time the child is in school in Vantaa.

Need help?

  • If a new schoolchild's Wilma identifiers have been lost or do not function, send email to: primuswilmatuki@vantaa.fi.
  • When you already know what your child's local school is, you can contact the school's office in matters related to Wilma identifiers.
  • Primarily, the guardians may use the same login.If another guardian wishes to have his or her own login, he or she can request a key code needed for creating it from the child’s future school in August after school starts.

For new students the Wilma user profiles are not in use during February and March

For technical reasons the Wilma user profiles of the caretakers are not in use when the decisions about local schools are being made. The user profiles become available again after the 30th of March after the local school decisions are released in Wilma.


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