Land use planning 2023: Vantaa is big in detached and terraced housing


While there is plenty of construction going on in Vantaa’s city centres by the railway, the city is also big in detached and terraced housing.

Karttaa osoittava käsi kuvituskuvana

More than 100,000 Vantaa residents live in detached, semi-detached or terraced houses.
“Even though the city is becoming more densely populated and there are plenty of blocks of flats in the city centres, the goal of planning is to keep Vantaa big in detached and terraced housing also in the future,” says Mari Siivola, Head of Master Planning.

A new master plan outlining the development of Vantaa up to 2050 entered into force with an announcement in January 2023. In the master plan, residential areas dominated by detached and terraced housing account for the largest share of all residential areas, up to 4,100 hectares.

“Some of the detached and terraced housing areas are also changing: in areas close to railway stations or along the route of the planned Vantaa Light Rail, it is natural to build more densely and higher. In such cases, blocks of flats may also be suitable for the areas,” Siivola says.

For this council term, Vantaa has set the goal of building more detached and terraced houses in the city every year. Semi-detached houses are also included in this category. In 2022, a record number of detached, semi-detached and terraced dwellings were completed in our city: over 600.

“With the multi-year detached and terraced housing programme, we are looking for ways to promote the construction of these houses. Attention is paid to things like ensuring the balanced development of densifying areas and sufficient greenery,” Siivola says.

Completely new detached and terraced housing areas, or extensions of existing areas, are also being planned. Check out the planning overview on


Are you considering construction?

Before starting construction, you must find out what you can build on your plot and whether you need a building permit for your project. In Vantaa, permits relating to construction are processed electronically in the Lupapiste service. You can get started by submitting a request for advice through Lupapiste to Vantaa Building Control, or read more about the requirements for construction projects at

What can you build?

The master plan, local detailed plan and building code define the plot’s purpose of use and requirements for the size and appearance of the buildings to be constructed. The current master plan for the plot can be found in the Vantaa map service at

Deviating from the local detailed plan often requires a deviation decision issued by the planning unit. In areas where only a master plan is in force, construction requires a planning need decision. You can apply for a deviation decision or planning need decision through the Lupapiste service.

Are you considering complementary construction for your plot?

The detailed plan map shows whether you can build some more on your plot. The local detailed plan usually determines the permitted building volume of the plot, the maximum number of floors, the building area and any protected areas. There also needs to be a suitable place on the plot for the new building.

Complementary construction is possible in many ways. A large plot may have room for a completely new building. In this case, a part of the existing plot is parcelled out and can be sold. If the permitted building volume is sufficient, the existing building can also be expanded and, for example, an additional or attic floor can be built. If the building is in poor condition, its demolition and replacement with new ones can enhance the use of the plot, if the old building stands in the middle of the plot.

Looking for a plot of land?

The City of Vantaa sells plots through continuous sales and bidding competitions. You can find the plots available at Due to the limited supply of city-owned plots, it is also a good idea to browse the private market for suitable detached house plots in Vantaa.


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