Sustainable traffic doubles along the Vantaa Light Rail route




The traffic effects of the Vantaa Light Rail report explains how urban development along the light rail route affects the flow of traffic. 

The effects have been investigated in the strategical plan for Vantaa Light Rail which is a zone formed within a radius of about 800 meters from the stops.

The population will double, and the accessibility of the workforce will increase

Strategical plan for Vantaa Light Rail is based on the densification of land use along the light rail route, and the number of residents and jobs will increase strongl from the current situation. 

The population of the strategical plan area will more than double and in the long term in 2050 will have approximately 125,000 inhabitants.
Likewise, the number of jobs will increase by about 60% in the long term, and according to the forecasts, there will be about 84,000 jobs in the area of the framework in 2050.
Due to the influence of the strategical plan more residents will be located near workplace areas in the future, which will have a positive effect on the development of workforce accessibility.

Sustainable traffic doubles

In the long term, the total number of trips departing from the area will increase by about 80 percent from the current situation. 
However, the increase in the number of trips is focused on walking, cycling and public transport, and the number of car trips increases more moderately. By 2050, the number of trips made on foot, bicycle and public transport will double from the current situation, and again the number of car trips will increase by 35%. 


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