Cooperation with residents on Vantaa light rail in the fall begins with a survey of future mobility



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Cooperation with residents on Vantaa light rail in the fall begins with a survey of future mobility. The survey charts where Vantaa residents would travel using the light rail. The survey will be utilized in planning the light rail, in planning the disposition plan, as well as in outlining user profiles. The disposition plan is a plan that dictates the local detailed plan along around an 800-meter radius from the stops. You can answer the online survey at the latest on September 26 on the website and participate in a competition whose prizes are 10 light-rail-themed product bags. The survey is in Finnish.
Residents’ opinions on mobility are highly desired in order to gain everyday experiences as a backup for the planning process.

“The light rail is planned to make Vantaa residents’ everyday lives more flexible. It is of great importance for us to learn how residents would use the light rail: for going to work, school, hobbies, or cultural events. The light rail is an urban development project, which is why disposition planning will also analyze the functioning of travel chains and people’s moving from one place to another,” says acting deputy mayor Henry Westlin.
A video on the urban development of the light rail route has been published in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The video presents the development of the light rail route, for example, as launcher of better bike lanes as well as new jobs and housing, but most of all: as guarantor of flexible everyday living.

Browse the video on YouTube on Vantaa Urban Environment’s channel in FinnishSwedish, and English.

“Later in the fall, residents can also participate in Finnish-language disposition plan workshops where we will together work on the disposition plan. The disposition plan outlines how new city—housing, services, and other functions—will arise along the light rail route,”tells Jonna Kurittu, a member of the local master plan team preparing the disposition plan.

Further information:
Master Plan Planner
Jonna Kurittu
tel. 050 302 9346


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