Draft Vantaa light rail disposition plan: Residents comment on the light rail route


Opinions on the draft disposition plan emphasize traffic issues and wishes vary on a regional basis. The interaction reports on the draft disposition plan to be published as part of the disposition plan proposal to progress to decisionmaking in early 2023.

Havainnekuva Vantaan ratikasta Fazerintiellä Fazerin ratikkapysäkillä.

Illustration of Vantaa light rail at the Fazer stop on Fazerintie. Photo: WSP.

The report on the interaction of Vantaa light rail's draft disposition plan outlining the future light rail city is under work. One hundred and two opinions, by 44 people, were submitted on the draft.

The opinions emphasized traffic issues. In addition, comments on cityscape- and landscape-related issues were submitted. The opinions called for maintaining natural areas and green areas. The majority of the opinions were related to the light rail as a mode of transport, especially its route and stops, as well as improving pedestrian and cycling connections. The opinions both favored and rejected building of the Vantaa light rail.

The light rail disposition plan is a zone consisting of the light rail stops within around 800 meters. The light rail disposition plan forecasts the following about the dimensioning of the planning area:  population could grow by more than 60,000 people and jobs by around 30,000 by 2050.

“Based on the responses, it would appear that people were mostly satisfied with the draft disposition plan. There were no opinions on the measuring of the disposition plan, which was slightly surprising. The light rail was considered to make one's own residential area more easily accessible. The wishes submitted varied on the basis of the major regions,” says local master plan architect Mika Ahonen.

Regional wishes along the light rail

Aviapolis-based opinions wished for cycling routes crossing the Ring Road III, Tammisto needs cityscape development, and Krakanoja needs an overpass.

As regards Tikkurila, light rail route changes were suggested, so that the route would be farther north than the Tikkurila tunnel.

Opinions concerning Hakunila major region stated satisfaction with Hakunila’s outdoor recreation areas, though there were concerns about retaining the green areas.

“We will account for the opinions and answer them in connection with the disposition plan proposal. We will improve pedestrian and cycling connections along the light rail route. Hakunila’s outdoor recreation areas will remain basically unchanged, so Hakunila residents have no cause for concern,” Ahonen sums up.

Disposition plan proposal to be submitted to decisionmaking in early 2023

The draft disposition plan is currently being turned into a proposal, based on the feedback given. The residents could comment the draft in the course of June, in addition to which there were regional residents’ events for residents living along the light rail route. Approximately 400 - 500 people participated in the regional events.

Moreover, the city is currently compiling an assessment of the impacts of the disposition plan for the light rail, of which the Liikenteelliset vaikutukset (“Traffic impacts”) report has already been published. Based on the feedback on the disposition plan as well as on the impact assessments, we will finalize a draft proposal in fall 2022.

The interaction reports on the draft disposition plan will be published as part of the disposition plan proposal. The aim is to submit the disposition plan proposal for the city council’s ratification in early 2023.

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