Vantaa City Council had a lively referral discussion about the financial plan


On Monday evening, Vantaa city council had a referral discussion about the city’s financial plan.

valtuustosalin kyltti

The 2022-2026 financial plan specifies the City of Vantaa’s city-level goals set for the next few years. The city council had a lengthy discussion about the plan, which began with the city council’s political groups’ statements. The biggest political groups of the city council emphasized in their statements the beginning of the wellbeing sevices counties and the changes in the city’s role.

The National Coalition Party's council group stated in its group address that the city's future tasks will focus on culture, vitality, and urban environment.

“High-quality education and upbringing are the cornerstones of equal opportunities and the best prevention against marginalization. We have outlined in our strategy that Vantaa residents' educational level increases and we are striving to make Vantaa the most child-friendly city in the metropolitan area. These goals must also be visible in the budget's focus areas.”

SDP (the Social Democratic Party of Finland) highlighted social wellbeing and the economy in its group statement.

“During the past few years, we have carefully managed the city’s finances and we have, furthermore, succeeded in reducing the city's amount of debt, regardless of difficult times. We wish that Vantaa’s economy will be carefully managed in the future as well.”

In its statement, the Finns brought forth issues related to the population.

“We are repeating the terms of dynamics and attraction. Vantaa needs residents that are capable of paying taxes. This is the only way we can offer our residents high-quality statutory services.”

The city executive board is scheduled to decide on the budget frame at the beginning of June.

The city council also discussed the ethical principles of the City of Vantaa's trustee operations, the wellbeing review, and the realization of the city's strategic goals.

The city council ratified the year 2021 financial statement. The city's economy is healthy, and the balance has strengthened. The result for period amounted to €61.3 million, with an improvement of €6.5 million over the previous year. After transfers of funds as well as depreciation and reservation differences, the surplus for financial period amounted to €61.4 million.

The alteration to city plan concerning Neilikkapolku 12 in Viertola, to the southwest of Peltolantori, was ratified. The houses currently at the address will be replaced with two apartment buildings.