A voter wearing a face mask giving their ballot to an election official

Finland has three general national elections: parliamentary election and municipal election take place at four-year intervals, whereas the presidential election is held at six-year intervals. In addition to the above, the European Parliament election takes place at five-year intervals.

Next in line in Finland is the municipal election, which will take place in June 13, 2021. You can vote in advance from May 26 to June 8, 2021.

The Central Election Committee, aided by the City of Vantaa election commission, is responsible for arranging elections in Vantaa.

You will find your polling place on the map, based on your home address, online at: www.aanestyspaikat.fi (the service is available only around election time).

If you are unsure about your polling place or right to vote, do not hesitate to contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (tel. 0295 535 530, number only in use May 5 – June 13).

In order to prevent coronavirus from spreading, general safety instructions will be applied to all voting places. Voters are recommended to keep a minimum 2-meter safety distance, to wear a face mask, to observe cough etiquette, to take their own pencil or ballpoint pen with them to the voting place, and to use the hand sanitizer available on the voting place premises. Please be prepared to queue outside. A barcode identity card accelerates registration. Please note that there is no barcode in a passport.

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More information on elections is available on the Ministry of Justice's website at: vaalit.fi.

Information in other languages

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Early voting places in Vantaa

If you are going to vote in advance, you can choose from several places. Advance voting in the municipal election will take place on 26.5.–8.6.2021.

Postal voting abroad

Those Finnish nationals who are entitled to vote and who permanently or during the election are staying abroad can vote by mail.

Vanhus istuu kotonaan

Information on voting at home

If you cannot come to a voting place without undue difficulty, enroll in voting at home, at the latest, by June 1, 2021, by 16:00.

Read more about elections

Additional information on elections arranged in Finland is available on the Vaalit.fi website.

How to vote on election day